Rules of engagement


Please carefully read and understand the following Code of Conduct for the Hord Collective Governance Forum. Hord Collective seeks to radically change the way we work together in order to create an ecosystem that is powerful, sustainable, and governed by and for its citizens. A basic level of civility, respect, and understanding should be maintained within the Governance Forum. The Hord Collective is a place for working together.

  1. Contribute to the community in a positive way. As a Collective, we believe that positivity is the key to healthy growth. Be excellent to one another.
  2. Err on the side of extreme civility. The Governance Forum is a place for constructive feedback about the Hord Collective. There are lots of places to sling mud, this isn’t one of them.
  3. Keep discussions on-topic. This is a forum for discussion about the Hord Collective, Hord, Arbitrum, Ethereum, and projects within these ecosystems. Unrelated posts may be removed.
  4. Citations will strengthen your points. Presentations with the potential to influence the Collective’s direction should maintain a high level of quality and integrity.
  5. Do not discriminate against anyone based on their geographical, ethnic, sexual, religious, or other identifying features. Be proactive in recognizing and welcoming groups considered to be discriminated against. Our goal is to create a future that is truly collaborative.
  6. Use common sense. A reasoned and sensible discussion should be the hallmark of the Hord Collective Governance Forum. We have a responsibility to uphold the core values of the Collective as a whole as contributors to this forum.
  7. Stay safe. Due to its role as a place for coordination in a decentralized ecosystem, this forum may face increased spam, phishing, and other security threats. Be careful and carefully screen any messages you receive. This forum’s members will never ask for your private key.