Proposal template

Standard Proposal Template – Hord

For proposals, please use the below template and the process outlined in the Hord Governance GitBook

Proposal Title: _____________________________________

What the name of your proposal?

Proposal Type: _____________________________________

What type of proposal are you suggesting?

Executive Summary

A high level overview of the proposal’s substance.
Please include:

  • Short summary of the proposal
  • The proposal’s impact & expected outcomes


The why.
Please include:

  • Why you are submitting the proposal
  • Any conflicts of actual or anticipated conflicts of interest that you (as an individual, group or entity) may have with respect to the proposal
  • Why the Hord Collective should adopt the proposal


The details of the proposal.
Please include:

  • Technical details (a comprehensive description of the proposed changes).**
    If applicable, please include:
    • Links to all protocol/ API/ tech specifications
    • Overview of ongoing security considerations, including all audits and findings*
  • Impact summary (a comprehensive description of the consequences of adopting the proposed changes).
    If applicable, please include:
    • Changes in performance characteristics
    • Time-of-upgrade considerations (downtime, etc.)
    • Links to exhaustive upgrade documentation for impacted stakeholders

Action Plan

How the proposal would be implemented.
If applicable, please include:

  • Anticipated implementation/upgrade/execution timing
  • Contingency plans in case of last-minute bugs or issues
  • Plan for communication and education to the community


Tying it all together.
Please include:

  • Recap of main points
  • Request for approval from the Hord Collective