[RFC - Proposal] Implementation of Hord’s Revenue Share

Authors: Meir Rosenschein & Jonathan Ganor

Status: RFC

Related Discussions: This proposal arises from community discussions on enhancing Hord’s staking experience and increasing the value proposition for HORD token holders.

Submission Date: September 10th 2023


This RFC outlines the integration of the Hord revenue share proposal, a feature designed to maximize the benefits for HORD token holders staking on our platform. The revenue share protocol will allocate 50% of the Hord platform’s income to revenue share. These funds will be used for HORD token buybacks which will then be distributed for revenue share HORD token holders who stake their tokens will earn a share of the income generated by validators.


The motivation behind the revenue share protocol is to provide an additional incentive for users to stake their HORD tokens on our platform. It aligns with Hord’s commitment to creating a user-centric and rewarding staking experience. By distributing a portion of validator income to the community, we aim to further engage and reward our dedicated HORD token holders.

Specification & Implementation:

The ‘revenue share will operate as follows:

Allocation: 50% of Hord’s platform income will be allocated to revenue share. The funds will be used to buy back HORD tokens, which will then be distributed as revenue share.

Staking: HORD token holders can stake their tokens in the revenue share protocol through perpetual staking platforms on our platform.

Earnings: Users who stake their HORD tokens will earn a share of 50% of the income generated by validators.

Withdrawals: Users will be able to claim their share of the revenue share protocol earnings periodically (frequency to be determined).

Flexibility: Users can unstake their HORD tokens at any time, and they will keep whatever they earn until that time.


The implementation of revenue share enhances the attractiveness of Hord’s ETH staking platform by providing an additional income stream for our community. It increases the value proposition for HORD token holders, encourages long-term engagement, and aligns with our commitment to decentralization and community benefits.


A ‘yes’ vote on this RFC indicates support for implementing the Hord revenue share protocol. This RFC will be followed by implementation based on community feedback.

A ‘no’ vote indicates disagreement with the implementation of revenue share.

Link to snapshot vote:



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